StudyResult is a program for quick calculation of p-values and confidence intervals for the most common tests and parameters. It may be useful when these are missing, for example in an article, but the mean, standard deviation etc. are presented. Correspondingly, a missing standard deviation or mean for example can be calcuted if the p-value or confidence interval is presented. It can also be used to convert a p-value to a confidence interval and vice versa.

It is sometimes a valuable complement to sample size calculations when planning a study. When the design and size of the study has been decided it may be useful to know which results in terms of the parameter estimates that will produce a statistical significance or a given width of a confidence interval.

Summary of features.

  • Calculates p-values and confidence intervals from descriptive (summary) statistics.
  • Converts p-values to confidence intervals and vice versa.
  • Useful for calculation of not reported p-values or confidence intervals in publications.
  • When planning a study, calculates what observed results are needed to get a significant result.
  • Calculates estimates from publications needed for sample size calculations.
  • Calculations for most standard tests as well as for parameters in common statistical distributions
  • Comprises hypothesis testing and confidence interval calculations
  • Any parameter may be calculated (not only p-values)
  • Simultaneous comparisons in multiple windows
  • Includes equivalence- and non-inferiority testing for most tests
  • Non-parametric tests (Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test, Wilcoxon signed-rank test, and Sign test)
  • Results presented as single values or in tables and graphs grouped by two other parameters

CREOSTAT HB, Enbarsvagen 11, 42655 V.Frolunda, Sweden, email: mail@studyresult.com